Student Comments

Spring, 2016

“Since… I started English, I note that I have more change in my life about my oral understanding. When I am in conversation with somebody, I hear more than before, so English class for me it’s perfect. Before, when I went to shopping at grocery, I had more difficulty in conversation with the salesclerk, but now it’s going better. I hope that, will be better after the next English class coming.”

“I really like this program, cause I learn more, read and talk, meet with different peoples. The teacher she is very patient and funny. She teach very good. Now I’m very excited to learn more. Thanks.”

“Your program is very systematic. Especially grammar is helpful to me.”

“I like this class. Because they teachers are good and me. They are know me don’t speak English. They are help me.”

“English class help me by understand English and help me by see a doctor appointment at our clinic, and help me go to a store and shopping and help me with job applications.”

“We need more hours or days of English classes.”

“This program has helped me learn more English to go to stores and banks and speak more English with my supervisors at work.”

“I liked English class because I study in the class he help me more to improve my English and I have more vocabulary and more sentences.”

“I love this program. Is been very helpful to me. I improved my listening and speaking skills. I got better my writing doing homework.”

“I like this class because I can improved my English language skills, met new people and learn something new…Teachers in this class are helpful every time.”

“I like this program because I can learn more about daily use English and meet friends from all over the world. Our teacher are kind, friendly and knowledgeable. She told us more about how to live in the USA. That more important than other things.”

“I love this English Class. Is very helpful for me. This homework help me about new vocabulary.”

“It is helpful not only learning English but also knowing people and the city.”

“This program has helped me a lot. I am thankful.”