English Classes

Friendship Community Project offers English classes, 4-5 levels, from literacy to advanced, in the basement of the Good News Bible Church , 845 Pepperwood Lane (next to the Iowa City Post Office) in Iowa City, Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:45-11:30, September to May. Take the Broadway bus to and from class!

Our 2018-19 English class  year has ended.

Fall registration will be on Wednesday, September 4th 9:45-11AM at 845 Pepperwood Lane. The first day of class will be Monday, September 9th, 9:45-11:30AM, same location.

*Come to our summer Walk and Talk groups for exercise and informal English conversation:

Wednesday Mornings, 9:30AM, meeting at River Crossings Park parking lot
(Behind Big Grove Brewery on Gilbert St.  Broadway bus stops at Gilbert and Kirkwood–just walk West about 1 block to find the park.)
Starting Wednesday, May 15th


Saturday Mornings, 9:30AM, meeting at Terry Trueblood Park Shelter (South Gilbert St.)
Starting Saturday, May 11th


*Come to our July 10th fundraiser at Hudson’s restaurant, 482 Hwy 1 W. Iowa city, 5-10pm.

*For students looking for free summer English classes, the UI offers some from mid-June through mid-July. For information, call 319 335-5630 in late May. You can also check with IC Compassion about their Wednesday evening English program and Kirkwood Community College’s free classes.

We hope we’ll see many of our students over the summer and again in the fall.  Have a great summer!

We are sorry, but we do not have childcare available, so please do not bring children to class.

We accept new students as long as there is room, so please come out and fill out a registration form if you would like to join a class!


12027654_10204936069416872_6186750739802445532_n    Our founding teachers

10 Responses to English Classes

  1. Walaa Ali says:

    Hi..i would like to register for ESL classes ..is any classes in this summer?


  2. Walaa Ali, there are no classes meeting over the summer, but you can attend our informal conversation group on Friday mornings, 10:00Am -Noon, in the community room at Lucky’s Market, 1668 Sycamore St. in Iowa City. We hope to see you there!


  3. Angel Heersink Peguero says:

    Hi. I’m interested in coming to conversation class on Friday. Thank you.


    • Angel, please come to the conversation group. It’s informal, so you don’t have to register. Just come to the Community Room behind the wine section at Lucky’s Market, 1668 Sycamore St. in Iowa City. Bob is our group facilitator, but there are usually other volunteers as well. Anyone is welcome!


  4. An Vu says:

    Hi! I miss the registration for English class? Is there a way I can register for my dad? Thanks!


    • An, it’s OK that you missed registration. Please bring your dad to the first class, Monday, Sept 11th in the basement of the Good News Bible Church at 845 Pepperwood Ln (behind Kmart) in Iowa City at 9:30, and he can register before class starts at 9:45. We look forward to meeting you both!




    My name is Destin makuama konde, I am a student in Master in Petroleum Engineering at Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour in the south of France.

    The subject of my correspondence is to have further information about the possibility to do the Iowa Intensive English Program during the summer of 2018.

    Indeed, I usually spend my holidays in Coralville near Iowa City as I have family there.

    For the next summer,i pretend to be there too and I would like to spend my holidays differently by learning and improving my English level through your intensive program.

    That’s why I want to know about the admission process for this intensive English course as a second language.

    Best Regards,

    Destin M.KONDE


  6. Hi, Destin. Our program is not intensive. We meet only two mornings a week. But you are very welcome to come to our classes. Contact me at friendshipcommunityproject@gmail.com when you need more information. For more intensive programs, consider the University of Iowa and Kirkwood Community College English programs. Susan


  7. Destin, I just realized you are talking about visiting Iowa during the summer. We do not have summer English classes, but I believe the University of Iowa and Kirkwood Community College do. Good luck! Susan


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