English Classes

                           Free Adult English Classes Online

                        Starting Week of September 6th, 2021

Beginning, intermediate and advanced students can register for our free online classes at                    https://forms.gle/39Y4XscD6Xt39J3EA  or email Susan at info@fcp-iowa.org for help.  Each class will meet at different times on different days, depending on teacher’s and students’ availability.

We will try holding one small, *beginning* class with a Covid-vaccinated teacher for vaccinated students who can’t attend class online.  The first class is at 9:45AM on Wednesday, September 8th in the basement of the Good News Bible Church, 845 Pepperwood Lane in Iowa City.  Please wear a mask and bring your Covid vaccination card.  This class will meet Monday and Wednesday, 9:45-11:30AM.

Online and outdoor conversation groups are also planned, or you can practice English conversation with a volunteer Phone Pal.  Email Susan at info@fcp-iowa.org for information.

English Class Calendar for 2021-2022:

Fall classes begin:  Week of September 6th

Thanksgiving break:  Week of November 22nd

Winter Break:  Week of December 13th

Spring classes begin:  Week of January 17th

Spring Break:  Week of March 14th Summer Vacation:  Week of May 2nd

6 Responses to English Classes

  1. Alamin says:

    Can I join now?


  2. Oh, I’m sorry, Alamin. We don’t have any classes available on the weekend.I don’t know of any weekend English classes in the area. Kirkwood Community College has some night classes, if that’s possible for you.


  3. Andreia Chinelati says:

    Hello! I lost the registration on 5th February. Is it possible to do next wednesday?


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