FCP Seeks Teaching/Aide Volunteers

If you have a background in TESOL, English, foreign language teaching, linguistics or K-12 education, consider volunteering with our English classes.

Classes meet Monday and Wednesday mornings, from 9:45-11:30 AM, at 845 Pepperwood Lane in Iowa City (The Good News Bible Church).  This year, registration will be on Sept. 5th (same time), and the first day of class will be Sept. 10th.  Classes begin in September and end in May, with a Winter Break in December and January and a Spring Break when the UI has its break.

We are not sure yet what our staffing needs will be, but prospective classroom teachers would do well to get their feet wet by acting as a classroom aide if there is no immediate teaching opening.

Classes typically have 10-20 students of all different ages, from all different countries, language and educational backgrounds.  It is a delight to see people from all over the world helping each other, bonding as a class, and forming friendships!

If you are interested, please fill out a volunteer application on this website or email us at friendshipcommunityproject@gmail.com.

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